Hallam Webber - Systems Designer and Builder

Never mind the Joneses, keeping up with daily demands of customers is enough to lose sleep over. Feeling like you’re stressed, out of control and your reporting and processes don’t cut the mustard?

Hallam’s wealth of business experience allows him to listen to your needs, analyse the problems and quickly propose IT systems solutions to meet client and staff requirements so everything runs smoothly. You get the reporting you need to keep your eye on the ball without worrying the nights away.

Hallam uses software design to improve business processes and help clients streamline their organisations, and leverage one of their biggest assets - their data for improved efficiency. He’s worked in the software industry for over18 years in a wide range of industry sectors. From pharmaceutical, through to insurance, market research, telecommunications and retail. He’s designed and built systems that have reduced costs through greater efficiency and helped clients realise the hidden real value in their data and how to effectively manage their businesses with the facts on hand.

He works primarily with the Microsoft stack, specialising in SQL Server and C# and associated products and technologies. As well as .Net. He also has extensive experience using Delphi and Interbase/Firebird.

Whether it's a customised, start-from-scratch project, modifying existing software, or integrating multiple systems HOW Ltd knows how to make it work for you. For more profile information or Contact hallam@how.co.nz for a confidential appraisal of your business needs.

Nicky Webber - Business Coach and Mentor

Adapt or die - being fast and flexible enables you to meet today’s market demands head-on. Nicky Webber’s successful entrepreneurial experience provides you with practical insights and an effective approach to enhance your business performance.

She has a 20 year career in business coaching and performance management and has joined HOW Ltd to coach and support other businesses to succeed. Utilising her business acumen and passion for people, she is a skilled facilitator, business coach and mentor, who brings a refreshing, pragmatic approach to improving any business large or small. Not one to bog people down with power point presentations and business theory, Nicky’s refreshing approach provides hands-on guidance and suggestions to improve growth. Her coaching sessions are energizing, informative and fun. For more profile information or contact nicky@how.co.nz

What are people saying about Nicky?

Aaron Lane - Commercial Director Antipodeans Abroad Ltd

“Nicky was engaged by Leading Edge Communications with the intent of achieving multiple significant tasks in a very important business unit. From the very start, Nicky's complete stakeholder engagement skills, organisational skills, and focus on both the targets and the best ways to achieve them, she has proven herself an excellent person for the job. She has simultaneously removed significant costs, streamlined processes, and improved the culture in the team. The extent of her success has been such that people want to work with her. In working directly with Nicky through the project, I have found her to be in equal measure, commercial, entrepreneurial, and diplomatic, while all the while remaining results focused. I believe Nicky is a great asset, and eminently capable in sizeable roles.”

Trudi Batson – Co-Founder Yadoozy

”Nicky is a dynamic astute professional who has an excellent business mind, process driven, creative, works hard and achieves amazing results! This comes from pure passion and dedication.”

Vince Fong – Sales Manager Yellow Pages

“I worked with Nicky at YellowPages on a major Lean Six Sigma project. Nicky is an excellent facilitator, people person who always provided the right level of support and approach.”

Fiona Sarten – Manager, Yellow Pages

“Nicky’s skills in delivery and coaching ensured the programme ran to time and delivered the outcomes required. I would recommend Nicky.”

Hugh Morrison Continuous Improvement Manager at AsureQuality

“Having worked closely with Nicky on Lean Six Sigma coaching assignments I know her to be a person who has a passion for building capability in others using well structured & proven methodologies. She is extremely dedicated with strong values. She is a very perceptive person who enjoys working with others who always puts her team or enterprise goal first.”

Amanda Snookes National Partner and Retail Sales Manager at MYOB

“She is a fast learner and has the ability to understand complex issues which impact on the Customers Business. She is a diligent, hard worker with strong ethics. Her ability to put together, manage and report on complex processes has amazed me.”

Jean Dougherty, Business Manager, Wilco Construction Auckland Ltd

"I worked with Nicky for two years and she is an excellent communicator, problem solver and can create structures and goals for your company. I would recommend her skills for any business and to achieve the best results out of their staff!"